By Joel Waldman

HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) – Dimmu, an adorable 5-month-old mini-Dachshund, took an awkward tumble down a flight of stairs and broke his leg.

“She got overzealous and decided to jump down,” explained owner Farbod Tehranian.

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Midnight, a cute black cat, was also in a dark place of his own, suffering from an unexplained limp. 

“I love my cat, so I want to make sure he’s good,” proclaimed Jacqueline Shirley. 

Both pampered pets are patients at the highly regarded VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital. But not all pets have such protective parents. 

It’s precisely why the City of Hollywood took steps at Wednesday night’s commission meeting to crack down harder on those neglecting or abusing their animals.

Joann Hussey, a Hollywood spokesperson, explained, “We have a new code officer and a more proactive approach to be able to prosecute these cases.”

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A text amendment to a law already on the books was proposed and quickly passed to give Hollywood more enforcement when they see pets treated poorly. It’s a long list: inappropriate housing, improper accommodations, poor conditions as far as too hot or too cold, not enough food, or improperly lashed to an inanimate object. 

Since Hollywood hired its new code compliance officer focused on looking for abuse and neglect, coupled with a more proactive approach to finding pets in compromised conditions, the number of violations written increased close to 90%. 

“I think it’s a good thing. People who don’t take of their pets should get penalized and punished to maximum ability of law,” added Dimmu’s owner. 

As Dimmu waits to find out if she needs a cast and Midnight heads home to get a goodnight’s rest, soon it may be abusive or neglectful pet owners who will be the ones in need of some help themselves. But from lawyers, not doctors.

“If there are people out there who are doing things they shouldn’t be doing, you’re going to get caught and be prosecuted,” warned Hussey. 

Depending on the severity the of case, there could be warning, notice to appear before special magistrate, or an actual court appearance. 

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A final vote is expected in February.