By Ashley Dyer

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – An argument turned physical. Then, moments later, gunshots were fired, sending people at a popular entertainment center in Doral running for safety.

“The second I saw that I was like, ‘Is this place really safe?’” questioned Rainard Navasartin, a witness to Sunday’s shooting at CityPlace in Doral.

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Navasartin watched the chaos unfold from his apartment, just above the shopping center.

“I saw a whole bunch of cops swarming around cutting off traffic trying to get to the situation as fast as they could,” he said.

Police blocked off the parking garage, looking for the shooter.

“I saw cops and a cop car.  People were kind of crowding around waiting to get to their cars because they weren’t allowed to get in to the garage,” said William Llerena, a witness.

Unfortunately, the shooter got away.

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Now, police are asking if you can put a name to the face in the video.  Investigators are still looking for the man in a white shirt seen in the video firing a gun at a crowd of people.

“At least bring it out when you’re supposed to bring it out.  Not when you want to show off or get someone to back off.  There are other ways,” said Llerena.

Police say the fight, involving men and women, started in a restaurant. The fight then continued inside the parking garage. During the fight, someone was struck with a bottle, leading to the man in the white shirt pulling out a gun.

“It’s scary to know someone could shoot you, yeah.  But I think at this point it was someone being an immature person with a gun,” said Llerena.

Luckily, no one was injured from the gunfire.

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Police say there’s been other fights inside the parking garage and in some of the bars at CityPlace, but nothing to this extreme.