By Joel Waldman

SOUTH MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The new dominant COVID-19 variant, omicron, means new questions for doctors about a very important group of people. 

“A lot of parents are asking if omicron is going to be very different than the Delta variant and are asking how’s that going to affect my child,” Dr. Elliot Pearson, a pediatric cardiologist.

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There’s an answer doctors are pretty clear on, albeit a lot is still unknown about Omicron and its effect on kids.

Dr. Pearson says, “I think for the most part, the infection itself is going to be about the same. I think the biggest difference is transmissibility.”

Meaning that while symptoms likely won’t be any worse than the delta variant, more kids and adults are likely to get the infection. 

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“Omicron is doubling every day. I think people, especially those running hospitals are worried this is way more contagious than any other variant we’ve seen,” added Martha Baker, both a nurse and president of the SEIU at Jackson Memorial. 

She’s worried a new wave of omicron could once again overwhelm hospitals with an influx of adults and kids, the overwhelming majority of whom are not vaccinated. unfortunately

“I definitely expect to see more kids in the hospital, ,” says Dr. Pearson.

Grace Meatley, a nurse at Jackson Memorial, adding, “Just bracing myself you know mentally. As a healthcare worker, we believe in science and science shows if you’re vaccinated, you do much better.”

“This is a shame it’s being called the pandemic of the unvaccinated,” said Baker. 

Roughly nine out of 10 patients admitted to JMH are unvaccinated, which is both dangerous and exhausting.

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“Two years is enough. Our nurses and doctors at the front lines are exhausted, its been a long haul. This is such a team sport right now and it’s so important people get vaccinated not for themselves but for others in this community,” concluded Baker.