By Joel Waldman

HOMESTEAD (CBSMiami) – ”God will allow his blessings to be over us,” prayed Andreae Lloyd’s uncle, Manuel Lloyd. 

Prayers, instead of wishes, for Andreae Lloyd and her family on her 28th birthday, as a sea of pink balloons released into the bright blue Homestead sky. 

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“All of you know we are a loving family and that was my baby, that was my heart!” exclaimed her father Arnold Lloyd. 

Her father’s heart now forever broken. Andreae, the youngest of his 12 children, was found in a swampy, desolate area of Homestead last Wednesday.

Andreae Lloyd was abducted on Dec. 7, 2021. (Courtesy: Facebook/Ashley Marie)

Now, less than one-week after the gruesome discovery, a celebration of life.

“Her first wish would’ve been bringing her family together like we always did. That’s all we ever did,” Manuel Lloyd explained. 

While her good brother, Phillip Sheffield III, added, “(She) just wants us to smile right now. She don’t want to see no tears. She just wants to see us laugh right now.”

Hard to do whenever a young person’s life is cut so short. But, especially difficult knowing the way Andreae died.

Miami-Dade Police say Xavier Johnson, her boyfriend of 11 years beat her up and dragged her into his car at the group home where she worked, ultimately murdering her

Xavier Johnson (Source: Miami-Dade Corrections)

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Johnson is the father of Andreae’s two children, as well as the one she was pregnant with, leaving family members to ask: Why?

“Why did you have to do this? Why? My thing is why did you have to do this? You could’ve just walked away. I understand if she didn’t want to deal with you. You could’ve walked away. Walked away and let it go,” Sheffield said. 

Johnson’s fatal decision leading to a barrage of other questions from Andreae’s 5-year-old son.

“The 5-year old is asking where is mommy? Where is mommy? He’s asking his uncle where is mom? He’s asking cousin where is mom? He’s asking all of us where is his mom?”

An answer the Lloyd family say its shared. But one that’s too difficult for must adults to process, let alone young children.

Her uncle just grateful they are all part of such a big, loving family.

We always get together. If we need each other, will always be there …brothers, sisters, nieces nephews and all,” added Jonathan Lloyd.

Richard M. Gregg, an attorney representing Xavier Johnson sent this statement to CBS4, saying, in part:

Mr. Johnson and his family have been recipients of numerous threats since he was identified as a suspect in Ms. Lloyd’s case and we ask that before the public makes a rush to judgment against Mr. Johnson and presume him guilty that it allow all of the facts of the case to come to light ….”

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Johnson’s next court date is Wednesday. He’s currently being held at Turner Knight Guilford Correctional Center on no bond.