MIAMI (CBSMiami) — The City of Miami Springs says their residents felt and heard the festivities this weekend coming from Factory Town, an outdoor music venue in Hialeah this weekend.

The City Manager of Miami Springs tells CBS 4 News they received 243 noise complaints.

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Pedro Chevez heard the music from his Miami Springs home but didn’t know what to think or where it was coming from.

“I thought it was loud cars passing by,” says Chevez.” “It kept going on to 12 o’clock 1 o’clock.”

In response to concerns over the noise, Hialeah’s mayor says that, “Factory Town is an event that brings a positive cultural and economic impact to our city. At the same time, it is important to find a balance to accommodate this event without negatively impacting the residential lifestyle in this area.”

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In a statement, Miami Springs says they are now “working with our city attorney to explore legal remedies. We cannot accept this infringement on the rights of our residents to enjoy peace and tranquility in their residences, especially when these concerts last until 5 a.m.”

“They should do something in case it gets louder,” says Vilma Chevez, Miami Springs resident.

The City of Hialeah does have a noise ordinance, and violations include, “reproducing or amplifying of sound that creates a noise disturbance beyond the physical boundaries of property in a residential neighborhood or in a mixed-use neighborhood of commercial and residential zoning districts.”

Part of a 2019 ordinance for Factory Town includes a plan for buffers to minimize visual impacts of light and glare and to mitigate amplified sound.

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CBS 4 News has reached out to the City of Hialeah for more clarification on the noise ordinance and if this event possibly violated those rules – we’re still waiting to hear back.