By Dave Warren

MIAMI (CBSMiami) —  Let the moon be your guide to viewing three of our neighboring planets this week just after sunset.

Monday December 6, the new crescent moon will be passing by the bright planet Venus. After the sun and moon, Venus is the next brightest object as viewed from Earth. You can’t miss this and the moon together as they both become easily visible, weather permitting of course, just before and right after sunset.

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Tuesday December 7, the moon will be appear near the faintest of the three planets Saturn. You will need to wait for the sky to get dark enough, but it is still easy to spot with the unaided eye. Following the moon’s path from Venus the night before, Saturn lines up right in the middle of that and Jupiter.

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Finally, Wednesday December 8, the moon will be passing near Jupiter. The duo will appear higher in the sky and be visible for longer as they both set in the western sky later in the evening.

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It’s easy to see these three planets with the moon as your guide if the weather cooperates. A few showers are in the forecast Monday, otherwise it should be good viewing this week with the moon as your guide.

Dave Warren