MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Quinces celebrations are a milestone moment for many Hispanic young ladies and big business for local event production companies.

“Hispanic heritage is really the reason my business thrives,” said Daniela Fernandez, the owner of Bella Quinces and Photography.

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Bella Quinces blends tradition in the TikTok era, putting a modern twist on the classic fifteenth birthday celebration.

“A quinceañera is Hispanic tradition. It’s basically a coming of age. It’s society presenting the daughter turning 15 as a young lady to their friends and family to the world,” Fernandez said. “It’s very traditional in the Hispanic culture. They celebrate it as a huge party.”

For some parents, the party planning begins years in advance.

“Since I found out I was pregnant and having a girl, I knew that I wanted to have a beautiful fifteen for her,” said Jennifer Gomez.

Gomez’s daughter Juliet recently celebrated her 15th birthday with a massive party, complete with 3 separate photoshoots, a beautiful ballgown, and a choreographed routine performed by her and 29 of her closest friends and family– 15 couples in all.

“It was truly a magnificent, magical evening that made our dreams come true, not just my own but my daughter’s,” Gomez said.

Quinces have changed over the years, with young ladies looking to show more of their own personality on their special day.

“The parties are a little more elaborate. The photoshoots are way more elaborate than they were back then,” Fernandez said. “The dresses are bigger, more beautiful. There’s more color. Back then it was really just white or ivory that the quinceañera would wear.”

Juliet sparkled in her beautiful blue gown.

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“I felt like a princess with the big dress, beautiful crown, pretty hair,” Juliet said.

She says it was an incredible experience she’ll never forget and hopes it’s a tradition she can one day pass on to her own daughter.

“It was everything I imagined and better,” Juliet added.

Events like this can come with a hefty price tag.

Jennifer Gomez says they spent upwards of $35,000, some of which she’d been saving since her daughter turned 10.

“It is a costly event but because I saved for a long time,” she said. “But it was something I truly value.”

Whether simple or over the top, each quinces celebration is a reminder of a culture’s rich history passed down through generations.

And for Fernandez, that’s what honoring Hispanic heritage is all about.

“We do 6 or 7 quinces photoshoots daily or 7 to 10 parties on the weekend. So we are celebrating the Hispanic culture tradition every single day,” she said. “It means everything to us.”

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Bella Quinces says it also can put together Sweet 16 celebrations, but that roughly 95 percent of its clientele is Hispanic.

Lauren Pastrana