MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Doctor Hugh Humphery treats patients for all sorts of mental health issues at his practice, South Florida Integrated Medicine in Coral Gables.

The psychiatrist was born and raised in Lima, Peru. He says medicine back in the day was much different than it is today.

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“When I was young, medicine, particularly family medicine, was practiced very differently – it was like the family doctor would make house calls.”

For Humphery, a tragic event would drive him to study medicine.

His grandfather suffered a heart attack on New Year’s Eve, and there was no help nearby.

“We just couldn’t save him, so we just sort watched him die over the night into the first of January. I think that marked me.”

After high school, he earned a Fulbright Scholarship and moved to the United States where he would be fully immersed in the English language.

“I went to a small liberal arts school in Wisconsin in the middle of nowhere at Lawrence University,” said Humphrey.

He would go on to complete his degrees and research work and eventually open the practice in Coral Gables.

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He credits his work ethic to his roots, stating that the entrepreneurial spirit is strong with Peruvians.

He has deep gratitude for all his mentors along the way and returns the favor guiding fourth-year interns, like Elaine Uchuya, who happens to be Peruvian as well.

She came to Miami at age 13 not speaking any English. She said her determination is in her blood.

“Perseverance. My family came from very low economic status,” Uchuya shared.

“Every step of the way, I’ve had people tell me I can’t do so something, but I never let that deter me from my goal of becoming a doctor.”

For Dr. Humphery, his goal is to keep his culture alive in his children. Like the importance of family meals.

“I remember growing up having big family gatherings on a regular basis and centered around food and food at the language of love,” Humphrey said.

And language, both through music, and speaking to the kids only in Spanish.

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“That immediately ties them – I think – to a way of thinking that is a little more Hispanic and a little more Peruvian.”

Marybel Rodriguez