MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A second Bay Harbor Islands apartment building has been ordered to evacuate after it was deemed unsafe.

“I’m freaked out,” said Frank Kaltenekker. “The whole thing has been – I was getting ready to enjoy a day off and here I am running around worrying where I’m going so sleep tonight.”

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Kaltenekker is one of those who suddenly had to leave home Thursday afternoon. His 73-year-old building has repeatedly been cited for numerous violations, according to the town.

This nine-unit building is located at 1060 95 Street, just two blocks away from The Forum, which the city reported on Wednesday was plagued with “significant structural defects.”

As a result of the report, the town’s chief building official also designated the 56-year-old The Forum, located at 1080 93 Street, unsafe.

“They just told me, ‘Hey, you got to move,’ it’s inevitable, you can’t live here, you have to move. We’re going to get you a hotel, tell your parents you can’t live here anymore,” said Gabriel who left Wednesday.

Bay Harbor Islands is working with the building’s management company, the building’s court ordered receiver, and several charitable organizations to provide support to those displaced and their pets.

“My wife is seven months pregnant. I got a three-year-old baby. I have a three-year-old baby and forced into a hotel and don’t know where I’m going to go,” said Chris Carroles.

Before dawn on Thursday, Carroles returned to the building he was forced to leave the night before.

“We’ve known this building was in bad shape for some time. About a month ago they asked us to leave voluntarily, but yesterday they forced us out of here. They gave us two hours and forced us into a hotel. I got five people in my family and they forced me into a hotel with one bed,” he said.

Carroles’ emotions turned to frustration as he confronted a police officer securing the building.

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“If you have no control over this place, then I’m going to walk past this,” he told the officer as he pointed to the police tape surrounding the entrance to the building.

“No, I do have control over this, we can’t let you in until someone from the property management company is here,” replied the officer.

The property manager did arrive and Carroles and Anna Aliman were allowed inside to collect their personal property.

“I need to bring stuff for my kids. I have two kids and we’re in a hotel right now and we have nothing,” she said.

While inside, Carroles snapped pictures of some of the building’s dilapidation including severely cracked ceilings, caution tape in common areas, leaks, and wet ceilings.

The town said the building has been cited in the past for numerous violations, adding that none of the structure’s issues have been rectified.

The property manager, Erick Pamblanco, shed some light on the situation.

“I can’t really comment as the property is under foreclosure and has been placed under court order to be placed with a receiver. I’m affiliated with the receiver,” he said.

Pamblanco said he had to lay off five employees because they’re paid by collected rents.

When asked about the building’s state of disrepair, Pamblanco said, “At the end of the day if the owner doesn’t provide money there’s nothing management can do.”

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The four-story The Forum has 24 units, but only 15 were occupied and evacuated, leaving the tenants scared and homeless. Team