By Bobeth Yates

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It’s been one week since the devastating earthquake in Haiti that has a death toll of more than 2,000 people.

Here in South Florida, the U.S. Southern Command has conducted several operations to the country helping save lives and ease the suffering of those victims.

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“Help is on the way,” said Craig Faller the Commander at the U.S. Southern Command Center. “There’s a lot of people working hard to ensure that we save lives and getting that life-saving support,” added Faller, who says their teams have been going non-stop since the magnitude 7.2 earthquake rocked Haiti.

“Our mission Life-Saving, is two prong, search and rescue, we’re still very much in the search and rescue phase. There’s a lot of area to cover, a lot of remote villages and the weather has contributed in our ability to go out there and check some of those spots. Then the other piece, is lifesaving, and the delivery of humanitarian assistance and medical support,” Faller continued.

According to the Haitian government, there has been more than 2,000 deaths, more 12,000 injured, and at least 130,000 homes damaged or destroyed.  The United States has been the lead federal agency overseeing the effort to ensure those needing help, get it.

“We’ve got multiple helicopters, US Coast Guard, US Army, the Puerto Rican Guard, out there working hard to deliver that aid,” said Faller.

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In addition, he says there are Navy ships offshore and Air force transport planes are providing support.

There are also several international countries who are helping with the efforts, and it is all being over seen from the Southern Command Center right here in South Florida.

“We’re helping coordinate things like intelligence and building a picture on the ground coordinating all the operations and peace that goes with this mission,” added Gina Sabric, the Crisis Action Team Director of the operation.

Commander Faller also said those waiting on aid or needing to be rescued can rest assured that they are doing everything to help.

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“That’s what we are working on, delivering that life-saving aid as fast as we possibly can.”