By Bobeth Yates

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The city of Coral Springs is ordering a condo evacuated due to failure to complete its 40-year recertification, which was due in 2016.

The Villa Bianca Condominium, off Woodside Drive, is in urgent need of repair.

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“When it rains, it rains in our bathroom,” said condo resident Jacob Henning.

Henning isn’t exaggerating. A video shows video dripping inside his condo unit.

“We have a newborn here. He’s a year and a half. He can’t be staying in a room that’s contaminated with mold it’s not good for his safety. It’s not good for anyone’s safety,” said Henning.

City officials posted pink notices on all the building’s units.

“Their priority for us is the health and safety of our residents and this building was not brought up to its 40th-year inspections,” said Lynne Martzall, a city official.

In addition to the failure to comply with the 40-year recertification requirements, city officials say the property has 7 major violations that include everything from being a fire hazard to not meeting minimum housing code standards, like the shower that can only turn using pliers.

“There was one unit that was deemed uninhabitable since 2012 due to a structure fire. There are multiple electrical violations, window violations, safety code violations,” Martzall said.

One resident showed CBS4 their back porch, where a portion of the roof fell down a month ago and nothing has been done.

Other residents tell CBS4 the building is overrun with rats. The garbage is not picked up regularly and a $13,000 water bill for the entire complex has left them without water for multiple weeks at a time.

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“I don’t want to live in these conditions.”

The 16-unit building is owned by multiple people but at least 9 of the units are owned by one family and managed by the same person.

There is no association. Residents and city officials say they informed the owners of the violations but nothing was done.

“You think he’s a slum lord? He is a slum lord. I’m sorry. You know what I’m not sorry. I don’t care,” said resident Phillex Anderson.

Anderson and Henning add they feel cheated because they pay their rent which is $1,460 every month and now, with the notice to move and no additional funds, they don’t have anywhere to go.

“It baffles me how can you be a landlord and allow people to live in conditions like this and not even attempt to fix it up. Just overall, I’m disappointed angry and upset,” said Henning.

Images provided to CBS4 by a special magistrate shows the condition of the complex

Residents have been given until August 5th to vacate the building.

The city says it is working with a charity to provide temporary housing help for condo residents.

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A Gofundme page has been set up to help building residents.