By Bobeth Yates

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – For the 6th straight day, South Florida residents took to the streets standing in solidarity with the Cuban people and demanding change in the country.

“The message from the Cuban people is clear, they don’t want a change. They want a new government. They want freedom. They want to get rid of communism. They want to get rid of the cancer that is killing the country and the people from within,” Anna Barban said.

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About 100 people walked down Red Road near Blue Lagoon to St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, where organizers spoke to the crowd.

Many in the group fled the country and want to help those left behind.

“I came here when I was 13 years old and my family has fought communism in Cuba, so I feel in my roots that I have to do something for them,” said Anasay Sieiro.

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“They are demanding their rights which is to be free, which they have not been free for 62 years. So, this is about time and the world needs to step it up. The free world, the democracy. Not only the United States, the United Nations every single country,” said Rosamelia Gonzalez.

That message is not just being echoed on Miami’s streets, several groups caravanned to DC to protest there on Saturday.

“I want our voices to be heard. I want Biden to respond to us with some type of message. Cubans are not being heard.”

The demonstrators say they will continue to protest until change comes.

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“This is our fight and we will fight it until our feet cannot hold our bodies anymore. I will be here every day, even if it means going ill, going to a hospital. I don’t care. I do this for my people, for my family.