MIAMI (CBSMiami) –  Reports of continued repression by the Cuban regime continue to reach South Florida.

In Spanish, you hear them scream “he has a gun, run.”

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That was just one of the many videos posted on social media from the troubled island that shows abuses committed by the communist government against its own people.

The chant by those demonstrating in Miami is, “If Cuba is in the streets so is Miami.”

Cuban Americans are furious.

“I can’t watch them anymore. Nothing will happen unless the U.S. takes military action,” said one demonstrator

The internet in Cuba remains restricted.

Santiago, from Cuba said, “he doesn’t even know if his family back home is alive.”

“They cut the internet. So I can’t even see how they are doing. I’m worried.”

On Friday, CBS4 noticed fewer videos shared on social media.

A family we spoke to said some in Cuba were using a VPN, but it is not known if the Cuban government took control of that too.

A few videos have made it through, and what you see is hundreds still flooding the streets of Cuba.

In another part of the country, the street of this neighborhood is empty and a woman says in Spanish, “They have arrested everyone!”

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A video was posted on Instagram, showing the people of Cuba still getting arrested, brutally beaten, and killed.

According to Human Rights Watch, nearly 400 have been arrested and those are the ones reported.

“This has been going on for years.”

Santiago, who came just 10 years ago, says he chose to flee his county and he said the sea is a journey often perilous but driven by despair.

But not everyone is so lucky.

The Coast Guard is reporting nearly 20 Cubans died in recent weeks.

Beatriz Jimenez’s daughter and two grandchildren were lost at sea in March, along with 9 others.

Beatriz said her daughter was trying to reunite with her husband in Florida.

“Mi hija es buena madre,” she said.

“My daughter is a good mother,” Jimenez said. “She wouldn’t have done this if everything wasn’t safe if everything wasn’t ok.”

Cubans picked up by the U.S. Coast Guard are brought back to the island under an agreement between the two countries.

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This woman and her 8-month-old baby were among migrants who recently returned to Cuba.

Jessica Vallejo