MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Just two weeks into hurricane season, it’s already proving to be a wet one.

Over in Doral Tuesday, the Global Empowerment Mission and the BStrong organization announced new partnerships to support hurricane relief throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean, with a warehouse full of goods and a team ready for any disaster.

“The whole point of all of this is to be ready, so that whatever happens at any given moment, whether it’s a winter storm in Texas, whether it’s a California fire, whether it’s a hurricane in Louisiana, a hurricane in Florida, whether it’s a hurricane in the Bahamas, anywhere in the Caribbean, or anywhere in South America, we’re ready,” said Michael Capponi, Global Empowerment Mission president. “We see it coming, we have the supplies, and we start preparing and loading.”

Members with the Global Empowerment Mission say with their plan of action in place, in the event of a natural disaster, they aim to be able to send supplies and aid to countries in the Caribbean in just 24 hours. Team