By Bobeth Yates

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Palestinian Americans gathered in Wynwood on Sunday to protest what they calling injustices to their people.

“What people think is about religion is false, it’s settler colonialism, very similar to what happened to the Native American people in this country. That’s what Israel has been doing to the Palestinian people,” said protestor Ahamad Abuzin.

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The group marched back and forth from Wynwood to Midtown with a uniform message against the Israel and Palestinian conflict.

“My great grandmother was dispossessed from her land. Every single day as an Arab person watching it on the news, seeing children crying, dead bodies all over the place, parents and children missing, the children missing their own parents, it’s horrible,” said Yazen A.

“Whole buildings are crashing down, children, women, being killed just indiscriminately. It’s wrong,” added Samia Elbana, another protestor.

Since May 10, the conflict has become extremely deadly. According to the website, more than 180 Palestinians have been killed compared to less than 20 Israelis.

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The protestors said much of the funding for the war is coming from the U.S. government.

“Americans pay tax dollars to give $3.7 billion to Israel. We need to end that. We could put that money in Flint, Michigan. Do you know how much money we give to Flint, Michigan a year, zero dollars,” added protestor Amin Tina.

Tina said his 13-year-old cousin was recently kidnapped as part of the conflict and he and thousands of other Palestinian Americans are hoping to raise awareness about the crimes taking place in their country.

“No one’s getting involved, not the United Nations or anyone else, no one’s doing anything about it, so this is all we can do, just raise our voices,” said Yousef Shatara.

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Protest organizers say they will continue to take to the streets until something is done to help the Palestinian people. Their next protest is planned for May 18th in Broward county.