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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A fearless feline had Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue crews running back and forth on Wednesday afternoon after the black and white cat was spotted in what appeared to be a precarious position on one of the lights jutting out from the 17th Street Bridge.

If the cat fell, it would have plunged some 50-60 feet into the Intracoastal waterway.

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Cat on light fixture on 17th Street Bridge in Fort Lauderdale (CBS4)

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue crews dispatched a technical rescue crew to rescue the animal, which apparently, did not want to be rescued.

WATCH: Chopper 4 Video of cat on bridge light fixture


As two technical crew members inched closer on an aerial bucket, the feisty feline simply ran up the light fixture and back up on the bridge.

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But it didn’t end there. The kitty ran under an ambulance, then across traffic to the other side of the bridge.

Cat on 17th Street Bridge in Fort Lauderdale (CBS4)

In an effort to hide from its rescuers, the kitty appeared to be in another shaky situation, sitting on the very edge of the bridge. One wrong move backward and that cat would have been in the water.  But as any cat lover knows, they have excellent balance.

And as rescuers used a net to try and safely capture the cornered feline from the edge of the bridge, it took off again and ran across the street and underneath a Fort Lauderdale Fire Truck.

When the fire truck was moved, the frisky fella simply went to the edge of the bridge again.

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Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue says the cat is okay and not hurt. They believe the cat is part of a feral cat colony that live near the bridge. Team