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TAMPA (CBSMiami) — Florida man has done it again, or has he?

There’s a guy in Tampa who claims he built a guitar using the remains of his dead uncle.

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The Florida man goes by the name Prince Midnight and he’s a self-described metal-musician influencer, whose real name may be Yaago Anax.

Well, this Prince Midnight apparently created a fully-functioning electric guitar using the bones of his long-dead uncle including the ribcage, backbone and pelvic bones.

Prince Midnight said his uncle Filip died in a car crash in the 90’s in Greece. He was only 28 years old. The body was originally donated to a local college but returned to the family two decades later.

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Since his uncle was a metal head, according to Anax, he thought turning the remains into a ghoulish guitar was a fitting tribute.

He calls the guitar the Filip Skelecaster.

However, after getting plenty of media attention regarding the unique musical instrument, the Tampa Bay Times is now questioning the validity of Prince Midnight’s story stating he looks quite similar to another Florida-based prankster known as Odilon Ozare.

Ozare already has two Guinness World Records, one for tallest hat and one for longest nail extension.

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Others think Prince Midnight and his shredding from the dead guitar are legit because the Prince Midnight persona has been active for months. He has a full EP on Spotify, has done multiple interviews and has merchandise for sale. Team