By Hank Tester

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It is a COVID-19 testing lab on wheels and the promise is you can make an appointment and get your results fast.

FastLabs provides the service for you if you need that coronavirus test within 15 minutes, but it comes at a price.

It’s an example of private enterprise answering a need in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Doctor Raul Cruz of FastLabs says, “This lab is a modern mobile medical diagnostic facility and laboratory. What makes it different is it is mobile.

According to the company, FastLabs will move their mobile unit to public events, to local businesses, to locations convenient for public access and you can get your results in minutes.

“A lot of the testing you see in the community, have long lines, two-three days to get results. We can get it to you within minutes or hours,” says Cruz.

But how does it work?

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You go online to FastLabs patient portal at, you have to make an appointment. You show up in your car at the mobile unit’s location and get your test.

The test is then processed inside the mobile lab. Results in minutes for most tests but the convenience costs.

The rapid antibody test will cost $75 and you get results in minutes. Rapid antigen is $135 and the test that detects the presence/symptoms of coronavirus $150, with results within a day.

“We have all the capabilities of all the labs that you will find in the community, except we are able to move this wherever,” adds Cruz.

The key for potential patients is the company website. It is there where you can schedule your appointment.

FastLabs representatives say they will be putting a fleet of “MD RVs” into service in Florida. They are prepared to go to schools, businesses, public events where they can test groups of a hundred or more.

At this point, FastLabs does not accept insurance but will provide a bill that people can submit to their insurance company for reimbursement.

Please note that not all insurance companies will reimburse for the test.

You are urged to check with your insurance before making an appointment.