By Lisa Petrillo

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – They are the official, or unofficial, first family of the 305 – the Estefans.

Now, superstar Gloria, her daughter and rising musician Emily, and her niece, well-known Spanish TV talk show host Lili Estefan, are all coming to Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch.

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Jada Pinkett Smith, who created the format, handpicked the Estefans for the newest franchise.

“They said Jada would like to expand Red Table to your family. We’d like you, your niece Lili and your daughter Emily. I thought ‘oh my God, here’s the moment I’ve been waiting for’,” said Gloria Estefan.

“This is the perfect venue. It’s innovative, it’s groundbreaking, and it’s an opportunity to really have the deep conversations that hopefully can be healing, or make other people feel like we’re not alone. That’s the idea behind this,” she added.

Yes, three generations of women with strong opinions and candid conversations that will lead to laughs and tears. But most of all honesty.

“ You can’t fake real. You can not fake real,” said Lili.

“As Jada said so well, there’s not a show like this. It’s not really a talk show. It’s not. It’s a new pocket of entertainment. When you share, I truly feel others will feel more safe. That’s what we’re trying to do here,” said Emily.

The Estefans are the first Latinas to host a talk show like this.

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In the premiere show, Lili Estefan opens up for the first time about her divorce.

“These are topics that are difficult but they’re real and I think a lot of people are going to heal. I think that’s how I feel,” said Lili.

“You’re just diving right in and diving into one of the most painful situations that she’s had to live through and it brought a lot to the table,” said Gloria.

They say there’s one topic that off-limits and that’s politics, but they will talk about the power of voting, encouraging all to get to the polls

“If you feel like something is wrong or you’re upset about, you can change things. We talk about that and the importance of the value of that right to vote now. But we know better not to go any deeper than that,” Emily said.

They may not always agree on every topic, but they will always respect each other and their viewers.

“There’s no time to delve into the depths of your soul on any show. This is the first time there is really that opportunity. So we will be honest and that’s what we want – a connection,” Gloria said.

“No matter how difficult things are, sometimes if you lead with love the outcome will always be great. Love always wins. Stay with love,” said Emily and Lili.

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Catch Red Table Talk: The Estefans on October 7th on Facebook Watch at noon.

Lisa Petrillo