MIAMI (CBSMiami) – They are survivors turned activists – students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who witnessed unimaginable horror on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Now, the documentary “Us Kids” launches a national drive-in screening tour in tandem with March For Our Lives, chronicling the gun violence prevention youth movement.

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Kim A. Snyder directed the film, that follows 18 pivotal months in the development of the March for Our Lives movement through a very personal lens.

“It became a film not about Parkland. I really say ‘Us Kids’ is about a film about a youth movement it was sparked by that horrible moment that happened on February 14 that everyone remembers,” Snyder said. “This is a film about a whole generation of young people born out of trauma and rage that transformed it into action and ultimately hope. It’s a very helpful movie in my mind.”

Filmgoers will see real life scenes as these high school students set out across the world to build an inclusive youth movement that addresses racial justice with a goal to change gun laws. In many cities, they were met with strong resistance.

“They was brave and they were patient and they were well schooled and they did their homework,” Snyder said. “They’ve never been advocating to threaten the Second Amendment.  It’s about their genuine feeling of coming out of a school shooting and teaming up with kids across the country from inner-city places that have endured gun violence that said we want to safe. It’s not a red or blue thing, it’s a public health issue.”

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The film premiered in early 2020 at Sundance Film Festival. It embarks on a nationwide, nine city drive-in screening tour, which begins in Wynwood Tuesday night.

Students Samantha Fuentes and Alex Dworet, who both survived wounds by an AR-15 in their classrooms, will hit the road following the Miami kick-off to engage with youth across the tour.

“It’s really about telling other people to have that inner generational respect. We can’t attack them, we need to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. They do know a lot about what they’re doing. They’re resilient and they have their whole futures ahead of them,” she explained.

“Us Kids” will premiere Tuesday, August 25 at 7 p.m. at the Carpool Cinema Wynwood.

There will be free tickets available to young people on their website at

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They will be releasing the film nationwide in the near future, though there’s no exact date as of yet.

Lisa Petrillo