MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The race between Joe Scott and Chad Klitzman in the race for Broward Supervisor of Elections is so close that it has triggered an automatic recount set for Saturday.

Florida law provides for a machine recount in close races such as this one. The process involves the re-scanning the ballots.

There were six people running for the job, but the top two vote-getters, Scott received 24.84 percent of the votes and Klitzman received 24.54% percent of the vote.

Scott is a graduate of West Point and involved with a local technology company.”

“I come from a very different background, I have never been in politics. I was an Army officer. I have been a business leader for more than a decade. I studied computers in West Point, one of the best leadership programs in the world,” said Scott.

Klitzman is a Columbia Law School graduate who worked in President Obama’s administration.

“At this point in time restoring confidence in the process. I maintain that we have a uniformity in process in the Supervisor of Elections Office, making sure that for every function of the office there is a corresponding procedure,” he said.

Candidates running for this job have vowed to bring leadership to the once-troubled agency, which has been stabilized by a caretaker since Brenda Snipes departed the office in a firestorm of criticism.

The recount is expected to last about 8 hours.