By Brooke Shafer

DEERFIELD BEACH (CBSMiami) – It seems things are slowly starting to get a little bit better on Deerfield Beach.

Still, surfers are taking advantage of the big waves caused by Tropical Storm Isaias, which continues to track along the east coast of Florida.

On Saturday night, families hit the sands to take in the weather event.

“Got all the hurricane shutters up just in case,” said Stu Barranco.

They were prepared for whatever impact the storm may have in their neighborhood.

One couple CBS4’s Brooke Shafer spoke with said they were ready. Before heading inside for the night, they too stopped on the sand to see the waves.

“Definitely cooler than normal and we have to respect Mother Nature,” said Kristin McCabe.

Others walked along the boardwalk, many of whom followed guidelines by wearing a facial covering.

Nearby, restaurants kept their doors open. Diners took advantage, especially since there was a long break from any rainfall in the city.

But most people Shafer talked to you were only out and about because they were already prepared at home.

As for the surfers, as long as the waves are around, they will come back.

“Until it gets too hard to paddle out or I’m too tired and hungry,” said surfer Matthew Chin.