By Karli Barnett

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — As we slowly return to normal, doctors say to remember your check-ups and health screenings and that includes mammograms.

The staff at Broward Health Medical Center are encouraging women to schedule their mammograms because it’s important for your health.

“Women over the age of 40 need to be coming in to get their mammograms,” says Heather Havericak, CEO of Broward Health.  “I personally have a lot of cancer in my family, so it is important not to put off routine screenings. Those screenings help save lives, and we don’t want people putting off mammograms because they’re scared to come into the hospital.”

She is leading by example and already got hers done when the hospital resumed mammograms this past week.

“It helps me feel at ease that I’ve had that screening, there isn’t anything they see, and I am good for another year,” she says.

Hospitals reopened for elective surgical procedures a few weeks ago, and now they are getting the word out about tests.

The imaging only takes about ten minutes, using new technology like the Hologic 3D Genius. The result is higher definition and clarity, so the patient can feel confident the doctor is seeing what he or she needs to.

As far as coming into the hospitals, Judith Zavatsky, Regional Manager of the Radiology Department says they have taken steps to ensure patient safety.

“You’re going to get screened at the door with some questions,” she explains. “You will get your temperature taken.  We’re going to ask you to wear a mask, and all our employees are wearing masks.”

She says she does not want to see women put this off out of fear of COVID-19, since catching the signs of breast cancer is critical and potentially life-saving.

“Early cancer detection, that’s what our whole goal is,” she explains. “We want to find it as early as possible so that patients can get treated and go about their life, without a lot of intervention.”

Karli Barnett