MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Authorities are investigating a fatal crash in Pompano Beach on Wednesday afternoon.

Pompano Beach Fire Rescue said the car was speeding Wednesday afternoon when it hit a tree and split in half.

It happened in the 600 block of NE 10th Street.

The driver and passenger, a man and woman, were ejected from the car.

The car slammed into a rollerblader on a walking path next to the street.

Authorities said the rollerblader died on the scene.

Eyewitness Brad Michael said there’s more to the story.

“It’s not a simple accident, there’s more to this than a one-car accident,” he said.

Seconds before the crash, he says, a black SUV, which he thinks was going well over 100 miles per hour, was chasing that car.

It passed him and seconds later the car was up in smoke.

“I was about to call 911, then I saw a black SUV pursuing it I thought that might’ve been an undercover officer,” Michael recalled. “And literally 10 seconds later I saw the car split in two, bodies laying in the street.”

He snapped some photos about 10-feet from the crash.

“The lady that appeared to be ejected from the passenger seat I saw laying right there by the door,” he said. “And then another male laying in the street, it look like he got ejected from the driver side of the car.”

He also showed CBS4’s Amber Diaz a map of the area. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour.

The walking path is something his wife uses weekly and he feels for the families affected by this tragedy.

“My thoughts go out to the family of the rollerblader that was minding her own business just exercising,” Michael said. “If there’s any saving grace, I believe he or she probably died instantly.”

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