MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami International Airport officials announced Wednesday the drop-off relocation for all rideshare app passengers leaving town the day after the Super Bowl.

Airport officials said all passengers using rideshare apps, including Lyft and Uber, will now have to be dropped off at the MIA Rental Car Center on Monday, February 3rd.

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“The relocation of ride app drop-offs to the Rental Car Center has been designed to avoid delays due to traffic congestion and streamline the departure process for all of our passengers,” said Lester Sola, MIA Director and CEO.

MIA ride app dropoffs will be relocated day after Super Bowl

MIA ride app dropoffs will be relocated day after Super Bowl (MIA)

All passengers being dropped off by rideshare vehicles must be dropped off at the MIA Rental Car Center (RCC) from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday, February 3, officials said.

Airport authorities cite increased vehicle traffic at the airport on the day after Super Bowl Sunday for reaching their decision.

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If you are traveling on that day here is what they say you should do:

1. Check out of your hotel five hours before your departure
2. Request ride app pickup four hours before departure
3. Check-in your bags (if necessary) three hours before
4. Arrive at the TSA checkpoint two hours before departure
5. Be at your airline gate one hour before.

Once dropped off at the Rental Car Center, passengers will take the MIA Mover for a two-minute people mover ride to the MIA Station, located on the airport’s 3rd level between the Dolphin and Flamingo garages. The station is connected by moving walkways to all sections of the terminal.

Officials say the airport is expecting more than 90,000 passengers to depart on February 3, which would be a single-day record.

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American Airlines will be providing self-service baggage check-in kiosks at the Rental Car Center on February 3.