MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami will soon be filled with an extra 200,000 people in town for Super Bowl 54 and most of them have no idea that Miamians have their own language and we’re not talking about Spanish.

Miami is such a diverse community that we have created our own slang.

So for those of you who are visiting from out of town and have never interacted with someone from Miami, you might be confused by some of the words that we say.

Our unique jargon can be confusing but is here to try and clear it all up with this list of Miami lingo explained.

SUPER: Pronounced “Suuuuper.”

Example; Tickets to the Super Bowl aren’t just expensive, they are ‘suuuuper’ expensive, or Traffic on the Palmetto was ‘suuuper’ bad today.

BRO: In Miami, it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, you will be called ‘bro.’ It means dude or friend and can be used just about anywhere in a sentence.  ‘Bro, I can’t wait for the Super Bowl,’ or ‘Bro, I love watching CBS4 News.’

QUE BOLA ASERE: Que Bola is Cuban for “What’s up man, how’s it hangin’?” and Asere is the Cuban word for “bro.”

DALE: Dale means ‘Do it”, “Hurry up”, and “Let’s go.” Made famous by Miami singer Pitbull, it quickly became a catchphrase that someone uses to agree with someone else.

CHANKS / CHANKLETAS: It means flip-flops. But for many Miamians, they are the flip-flops your mother used to throw at your head when you were a child and did something wrong, rude, or inappropriate.

POBRECITA / POBRECITO: This translates to “poor woman” or “poor man.” It is normally said when someone feels bad for someone else, like poor thing. “Pobrecito didn’t get tickets to the Super Bowl.”

PERO LIKE: This simply means “I can’t.”   It’s the Spanglish version of “But like” and everyone in Miami says it when emphasizing how much someone can’t deal with a situation, person, or thing.

IRREGARDLESS: Miami’s version of “regardless.” It is not even a real word yet lots of people actually use, alot! The same goes for SUPPOSABLY:  The commonly mispronounced version of the word “supposedly.”

LITERALLY: Sounds like “leeeterally.”  Miami girl’s “leeeterally” love this word to describe just about anything and everything and add emphasis to whatever it is they are talking about.

PUB SUB: A pub sub is simply a delicious sub sandwich made by hand at the deli counter of any Publix Supermarket.

SALMON: Many people in Miami pronounce the “L” in the name of this popular fish when it is actually silent, like ‘Sal – mon.”  It’s actually pronounced ‘Samon.’

It drives a lot people crazy!