FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Broward County leaders have issued a cold weather emergency advisory Tuesday into Wednesday morning. Forecasters expect temperatures to dip into the 40s and upper 30s.

In Downtown Fort Lauderdale, people were seen wearing thick sweaters and jackets. Many of those people kept their hands in their pockets or had their arms folded.

But the cold weather didn’t stop a group of three women from enjoying their Tuesday night.

“We’re eating ice cream,” one ice cream shop customer told CBS4 News.

They’re also eating their favorite treat to help celebrate a special occasion.

“The nice weather and her engagement,” another woman said.

While many in Fort Lauderdale are enjoying the cold snap, some are trying to escape the cold temperature.

“Make sure that everyone is out of the cold and into a nice warm place,” Major Stephen Long said.

The Salvation Army of Broward has opened its doors for homeless families. Workers are expecting an additional 100 people Tuesday into Wednesday.

“On a normal day, we have 235 that we House at the Salvation Army,” the Major said.

The Broward Outreach Center in Hollywood also opened its doors for homeless individuals.

Broward farmers are also watching the temperature. Bob Roth in Davie believes his business, New River Groves, will be okay, as long as it’s not 32 degrees or below for several hours.

“If it goes below that temperature for several hours, with no cloud cover, it can do a bit of damage to the young and tender blossoms on the mango trees, he said.

Pompano Beach
Northeast Transit Center – Corner of Martin Luther King Blvd. & Dixie Hwy.
(Pickup Location Only)

Fort Lauderdale
Salvation Army – 1445 West Broward Boulevard
(Shelter and Pickup Location)

Broward Outreach Center – 2056 Scott Street
(Shelter Location – Individuals only; not families)

The weather emergency advisory is scheduled to expire at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Until then, keep in mind that you must protect people – especially children and elderly –  and bring pets and plants inside.