FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A brown mess bubbled out of the Himmarshee Canal Saturday night. It’s the third sewage break in less than two weeks in Fort Lauderdale.

Crews faced the smelly damage early in the morning in the Beverly Heights neighborhood, contemplating how to fix it.

Resident Stephen Shulman said, “I’m just disappointed that the city commissioners have just in the past they’ve kicked the can down the road instead of fixing the problem.”

The water from the latest break in the vicinity of Virginia Young Park, didn’t pour onto land unlike the sewage spill on Friday.

Water flooded streets leaving the tarpon river a muddy brown of raw sewage behind Lisa Zwick’s home.

Lisa Zwick, another resident, said, “I saw a car, I guess a car was submerged like almost submerged, being towed away at three in the morning.”

The first pipe break happened last week along Ponce de Leon Drive.

“All of a sudden the water was rushing and it was smelling and it didn’t stop,” one neighbor said.

Work Crews spent days with divers surveying the damage deep down under water trying to repair the break and clean up the mess.

People living there avoided the filth by walking on plant beds and moving their trash out of their driveways.

The city started on Friday putting in a new line.

But they said it’s going to take a year and a half to finish.

Ben Sorensen, commissioner of district 4, said, “I’m upset it’s unacceptable the city is not invested in our infrastructure as they should have for years and years and years and now this mayor and his commission is taking a different tact.”

City crews brought in 11 aerators along with boat skimmers to remove debris from the waterways.