By Peter D'Oench

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami-Dade police say their officers were forced to return fire after a man on a scooter shot at them.

A woman was also rushed to the hospital after apparently being wounded in the crossfire. CBS4 spoke with her at the Ryder Trauma Center and with her loved ones as well after she was shot in the shoulder.

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It happened Wednesday night at NW 22nd Avenue and 66th Street.

Investigators said when robbery detectives tried attempted to pull a man on a scooter over, gunfire erupted.

“At that moment is when the subject turns and opens fire at the detectives while he’s still on the scooter, the detectives return fire, there is an exchange of gunfire and the subject flees on foot,” said Detective Alvaro Zabaleta.

Surveillance video from near the intersection shows the shootout as it unfolded in the street.

A man is seen outside a store bracing and ducking for cover as bullets fly, then what appears to be a plain-clothed police officer appears and you see the blast from his gun as he fires at something out of frame.

None of the officers were hurt.

A camera from another business nearby captures a man who appears to be frantic as he runs by with a gun in his hand. Moments later you see the same man approach a red car and it looks as though he’s pleading with the driver who drives off. The man then takes off running and jumps over a nearby fence.

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“There was a weapon recovered on the scene,” said Zabaleta.

A woman was discovered about ten blocks away shot in a car. Police say she was at the original shooting scene, it’s unclear whose bullet hit her. She was taken to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital where she was listed as stable.

CBS4’s Peter D’Oench caught up with the victim as she came outside Jackson Memorial Hospital in her hospital gown and she spoke with loved ones beside her. She did not want to provide details but she told D’Oench “I will give you details when my lawyer is present. Am not talking without my lawyer present.” The victim’s boyfriend said she had been shot in the shoulder.

A woman who described herself as the victim’s “god sister” said “I was driving the car. We were going to get food. We had ducked but God shielded all over us. God shielded us.”

Another woman who said she was the victim’s aunt said, “They were innocent bystanders. And they were almost killed. This is my niece. SHE IS a beautiful baby and they need to live their lives. This could have destroyed them.”

One man has been detained by police, it’s unclear if he is the shooting suspect.

“We’re still trying to confirm all of the details, if this is our subject, if it’s not our subject we have we also have the homicide task force on the scene to see if we can find who the subject is,” said Zabaleta.

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Police said because a woman was hit, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is now handling the investigation as a police-involved shooting.

Peter D'Oench