MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Black Friday is here and millions of parents will be trying to find their kids the latest toys. Here are some of the items that could be flying off store shelves, according to The Toy Insider.

“Frozen” toys like Elsa’s Enchanted Ice Vanity and hatching dragons based on the movie “How to Train Your Dragon” are just some of the toys kids might want this season.

Laurie Schacht, The Toy Insider’s chief toy officer, has the inside scoop on what’s topping every kid’s list this holiday season.

“One of the biggest trends is actually a continuing trend. And that is that those secret reveals are big business,” said Schacht.

Hot off a successful spring launch, Blume is back with 30 hidden treasures for kids to discover. There’s another Hatchimals toy called Llalacorn. The toy has different sensors and over 250 different responses and sounds. The Llalacorn is re-hatchable and grows to 32 inches tall. Rizmo is a transforming toy that goes through a series of life stages.

Kids and parents alike will be singing and dancing to the popular “Baby Shark” tune with puppets, fingerlings, and a shark you can ride on.

YouTube star Ryan continues to put out new toys. There’s the Ryan’s World Super Surprise Safe and the Cap’n Ryan’s Mega Mystery Treasure Chest with several hidden compartments. Use the key to open one of the doors and inside there are a toy sword and hat.

Many of these toys are expected to be big sellers, so Schacht says parents might want to pick them up before they’re gone.