MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Sweetwater police officers have arrested, at least, four people on one of the busiest shopping days of the year at Dolphin Mall.

One of the people arrested is accused of inappropriately touching women on Black Friday.

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The police department gave CBS4 body cam video showing officers approaching the suspect inside a store. Moments later, the man takes off running. He was eventually captured outside and placed in handcuffs.

“His attempt to flee from officers, he actually pushed one of our officers out of the way causing him to fall. He didn’t make it too far,” Sweetwater PD spokesperson Jonathan Arche said.

The suspect hasn’t been identified just yet.

The three others who have been arrested were taken to jail for shoplifting.

“The chief of police and the administration want to make sure everybody is safe when they come into our mall. Not only the residents but people who are commuting here to make their shopping experience more pleasurable,” the spokesperson said.

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Officers have help with monitoring the busy shopping days with eyes on the ground and in the sky.

One officer is in charge of piloting a drone, while another officer focuses on the camera.

“He will be looking at possible shoplifters, possible people that are breaking into cars, people that are trying to stake out when a shopper goes out and put merchandise in a car and goes back inside,” Mayor Orlando Lopez said.

Dolphin Mall is expecting 100,000 shoppers every day this weekend.

“Be patient when you come to the mall. There is parking. I understand there’s a lot of great sales in the mall as well as other places in South Florida. Let’s not push anybody. Let’s not come into an accident in the parking lot,” the mayor said.

Police want to remind people to report anything suspicious. As for those who plan to commit crimes, police said they’ll catch you.

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“We try to get the word out to everybody and let them know, listen if you’re going to come and steal, do not do it at Dolphin Mall. Don’t do it in Sweetwater because we have a huge presence of officers inside in uniform and undercover,” Arche said.