MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami Beach officers took over the entertainment district Saturday night for Operation Safe Streets.

CBS4’s Amber Diaz was on patrol with the officers, who cracked down on street-level crime.

There were officers around every corner, on every street.

“We have patrol officers, we have undercover officers, we have the city’s code enforcement out addressing noise type violations, but we also have our homeless resource unit out here as well,” explained Miami Beach police spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez.

The department’s mission: Keeping you safe.

“Our goal here, again, is to ensure everyone that comes to Miami Beach is safe, sees the officers out on the streets and, again, just to remind people that Miami Beach PD is here and we’re here to serve and protect,” Rodriguez said.

Saturday night, the Miami Beach Police Department launched their first ever Operation Safe Streets initiative.

Within hours, police made 11 arrests – some drug related.

Two homeless were also found and placed in a shelter for the night.

The crackdown comes after your calls, alerting police to quality of life concerns plaguing the popular party scene.

It’s part of the joys of living in a place known for its nightlife.

It’s a first for police, but they said it won’t be the last.

“We don’t want the bad guy, obviously, to get used to our schedule,” Rodriguez said. “So will adapt to the needs of the community, we’ll say.”

Over the next few weeks, Miami Beach police will be announcing more dates for their Safe Streets initiative.

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