MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Parkland Recreation Center turned into a raucous dance hall on Friday night.

Energy filled the room as dancers spent hours dancing, jumping, singing and even doing backflips on a special dance floor with the “Orange Ribbons for Jaime” logo emblazoned on it.

Orange Ribbons for Jaime is the charity created by the parents of Parkland victim Jaime Guttenberg after her death on February 14, 2018.

During the hours-long dance-a-thon fundraiser, dancers, many of whom were kids, performed every dance imaginable. There was also a tap dance solo, a memorable singer and even Fred Guttenberg sporting a bright orange blazer dancing his heart out to “Stayin’ Alive.”

It was quite a night.

Hundreds of people participated and helped raise funds for scholarships in Jaime’s memory. Everyone said it was a night Jaime, whose passion was dance, would have loved.

“I think the fact that everyone can come here and live out the passion that she had is really special,” said Lexie Sealy, who danced with Jaime in Parkland.

One of the highlights of the night was watching video of Jaime dancing at a completion. Her extension and ability to effortlessly and gracefully fly through the air on leaps and jumps was mesmerizing. Another thing that stood out — the joyful vibe. Her friends say that was Jaime’s spirit at work.

“I want people to remember all the time that this is Jaime, this is who she is, and it’s gonna be with us forever,” said Jordan Comiter.

Parkland’s mayor, Christine Hunschofksy, proclaimed Friday Orange Ribbons Day in Parkland. Fred Guttenberg promised to make this an annual event to raise money for scholarships for kids who plan to either pursue dance, serve others or have special needs.

“I don’t want any kid in this country to not be able to go to school because of money if they have the desire,” he said.

The dance-a-thons were scheduled across the country.

“I am wearing orange in support of my good friend Fred Guttenberg who is an incredible advocate for gun safety and fights every day to keep this country safer,” said actress Tara Strong in a Twitter video, prior to hosting a dance-a-thon in Nevada.

Jaime Guttenberg lived to dance and her family, friends, and supporters will now live to keep her memory alive.

“She’s here today,” Fred Guttenberg said. “Everything we do is inspired by who she was and who she should have been.”

Guttenberg said he hopes to raise about $100-thousand dollars from all these dance-a-thons across the country. If you want to donate to Orange Ribbons for Jaime, visit