TAMPA (CBSMiami/CNN) – Managers of a Tampa Bay area restaurant believe they have proof that it may be serving to customers that don’t appear to be a part of the living world.

Surveillance video from the Iberian Rooster in St. Petersburg shows a pastry dish being mysteriously pushed off a counter when no one was around.

But that’s not all.

“I’ve had ex-employees actually see figures walking around,” said bar manager Jennifer Sagedy.

Sagedy said when she’s in the restaurant alone, especially in the basement, she feels as though someone or something is watching her every move.

“You definitely feel there’s something down there. Like almost like a presence down there,” she said.

Liz Reed, co-founder of the Paranormal Society of Bradenton, searched every corner of the restaurant and even the basement for evidence of spirits.

“As we’re setting up equipment it was going off right away, like someone was walking up and touching it,” she said.

Reed claims she felt the most energy near the stairs. She believes spirits aren’t confined to just this specific space, but rather the entire block.