By Ty Russell

CORAL SPRINGS (CBSMiami) – The Broward Sheriff’s Office said the body of 39-year-old Christopher Randazzo was found Saturday morning at a Lauderdale-by-the-Sea resort.

Since then, CBS 4 News has learned Randazzo was a Coral Springs firefighter and paramedic.

“One of the things he had told the chief when he was hired is that the chief had filled his life-long goals of becoming a firefighter,” Division Fire Chief Mike Moser said.

It’s still unclear how Randazzo died. Deputies say they showed up to the “Southern Seas” resort for an unknown medical call when they discovered his body. Now, Randazzo’s death is leaving his co-workers heartbroken, especially since he was scheduled to work Sunday.

“Chris was hired with us in March of this year. He’s a daily new employee. He went to our fire academy. He was a very good employee. No negative remarks on his file. No disciplinary issues,” Moser said.

As a new employee, Randazzo wasn’t assigned to one specific fire station to help get a lay of the land. So, many were able to get to know him. Even though their still waiting on the medical examiner for answers, the department is planning a firefighter funeral and send-off ceremony.

“Regardless of which the manner a public servant passes away, we don’t concentrate on that. We look at the service he provided prior to his untimely death,” Moser said.

Firefighters say they’re also supporting Randazzo’s family as they all wait to piece together why he’s no longer here.

“Chris, he was only here for a short period of time but he touched a lot of lives,” Moser said.

Saturday night, leaders with Coral Springs Fire called every firefighter to tell them about the death of their co-worker. Sunday, there is a chaplain on hand today in case anybody needs to talk.

Ty Russell