MIAMI (CBSMiami) — It’s the premiere weekend for the movie “Joker”.

It stars Joaquin Phoenix has a failed stand-up comedian who struggles emotionally and then turns to violence.

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Critics of the film fear there may be copycats and they believe the movie glorifies a killer.

A man who went to see the film at a theater on Lincoln Road says the concerns won’t keep him away.

“I’m not concerned. If it’s going to happen it could happen anywhere,” he said.

CBS4 News was there Friday night when two Miami-Beach officers were near the theater. A spokesperson didn’t confirm why.

However, law enforcement agencies throughout the country have increased their presence at movie theaters after threats of a mass shooting.

A U.S. Army base in Texas sent out an alert encouraging people to identify two exits and be prepared to run, fight, and hide if there’s a mass shooter situation.

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One moviegoer believes all the talk will create more big bucks for the movie.

“I think this is only creating more hype for the movie anyway,” he said.

At the publishing of this article, it’s not known if there were any threats made to any places locally.

Miami-Dade police told CBS4 News, as a precaution, there will be more officers in some areas throughout the county.

In July of 2012, twelve people were killed and 70 others were injured after a mass shooting at a theater in Aurora, Colorado. It was a midnight showing for another Batman-related movie.

Recently, the star of “Joker” defended the film stating he doesn’t believe it will cause someone to commit a crime.

“If you have somebody who has that level of emotional disturbance, I think that they can find fuel anywhere,” Phoenix said.

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Warner Bros. Studios said its film does not endorse violence.