MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Miami family was heading home from Disney World on Sunday afternoon when they stopped at a gas station in Martin County. That’s when deputies say they were carjacked at gunpoint and a mother made a desperate attempt to protect her baby in the car.

The surveillance video shows a man nonchalantly walking up to a car at a Martin County gas station Sunday afternoon. He opened the door, pointed a gun at the female driver and struggled with her, trying to get her out of the car. Finally, he yanked her from the vehicle. When she tried to fight back he violently shoved her to the ground.

Then as she and a man from the passenger side of the car tried desperately to prevent the carjacker from fleeing, he drove off. The woman fell to the ground, as she attempted to hold onto the car and narrowly missed being run over.

One of the reasons she fought so desperately — her baby and elderly mother were in the car as the carjacker sped away. A sheriff’s office report in the case says “All victim’s were screaming, ‘there is a baby in the car!’ But the attacker continued with his carjacking.

Sheriff William Snyder said he understood the woman’s superhuman effort to protect her family.

“She did not give up,” Snyder said. “She did not stop fighting until he pushed her.

“If someone’s pointing a gun at your face I think that’s the time to comply. But if you have a child in the car, I’d have done the same thing. Just go down with the ship. Don’t let someone take your baby.”

Martin County investigators say the carjacker forced the elderly woman and the baby out of the car shortly after driving away. The report indicated they appeared to be unharmed.

Detectives tracked the car to north Miami-Dade where they arrested Jaquay Jean for the crime. We’re told the female victim suffered a few physical injuries like an injured hand and forearm. But the emotional toll is likely to be more traumatic.

Sheriff Snyder said they called the family once Jean was in custody today.

“Called them and they were very relieved because he had their keys,” Snyder said.

Deputies brought Jean to jail in Martin County Monday afternoon. He shared a few thoughts.

“I’m sorry,” he shouted at reporters. When asked what he was sorry for he said, “I want to go home.”

But Sheriff Snyder said it doesn’t appear that Jaquay Jean will be going home anytime soon.

“He’s got two life felonies,” Snyder said. “Kidnapping and the armed carjacking. He faces life in prison.”

Our news partners in West Palm Beach are reporting that Jaquay Jean has been arrested at least seven times and as adult and is being held on bond of $400,000.