MIAMI (CBSMiami) – In Deerfield Beach near the pier there are signs that life is moving on.

The conditions were overcast and windy but the surf was up.

“When it’s clean like this, this is called a groundswell obviously its a groundswell from the hurricane,” said surfer Kurt Hurley.

The crowds had returned for the busy Labor Day, even though many were still very aware of the threat looming offshore.

“I ain’t letting my guard down because who knows I mean this thing is so massive,” said Shawn Hawkins, a long-time resident.

At Bob’s Pizza and Amante’s they were going through the motions.

They nailed down the shutters, and removed the flyaways just in case Dorian, bashing the Bahamas about 100 miles, takes a wrong turn.

“Hopefully this blows away from here and goes a little farther north but you know locals gotta eat, they gotta drink, we’re here,” said owner Bob Amante.

Much like Dorian limping through the Atlantic for days Amante says it’s brought businesses to a crawl on what is typically one of their busiest weeks leading up to the holiday.

“Last year at this time of year we were very very busy because of the tourist, this year there’s absolutely no tourist whatsoever.”

Saturday came news of a track change, Dorian was no longer quite as menacing at least for South Florida and people re-emerged at least the locals.

Sandbags are out just about every restaurant, although many remained open.

“The benches will be taken in but everything’s’ done, back of the house is done, inside’s done, the coolers are battened down, it’s good to go, we’re ready for anything,” said Rick Mongston, at Whale’s Rib in Deerfield Beach.