LAKE WORTH BEACH (CBSMiami) — A bizarre incident in Lake Worth Beach, involving a four-legged intruder with a long tail, which bit a man after opening the front door to head to work.

WPEC reports the man was bitten on the foot and scratched on the leg by a kinkajou that ran into his girlfriend’s second-floor apartment about 5:45 a.m. on July 25.

The kinkajou, a small animal from South America similar to a raccoon or monkey, was waiting on the front doorstep and it ran inside as soon as the front door opened.

Another woman who shares the apartment says she woke up when she heard the sound of the kinkajou attacking and biting the man in the kitchen.

“It sounded like a 300-pound man was tackling him in the kitchen. That’s why I thought somebody was breaking into my house. It scared me, to be honest. When he opened the door, it like charged at him, at his leg and like clung to his leg and then he was trying to get it off of his leg. And it kept coming back in,” said Natalie Dulach, who shares the apartment.

After the kinkajou bit the man, he managed to get it into the bathroom and close the bathroom door to keep it there while waiting for wildlife officers.

The man managed to lock the long-tailed animal in the bathroom until wildlife officers arrived.

According to an FWC report, the kinkajou was taken to a licensed wildlife facility.

The victim was not seriously hurt.

The previous night, the man who was bitten saw the kinkajou sitting on a fence outside and left it some watermelon to eat.

FWC officers were not able to determine where the kinkajou came from, or who owned it.

“We’ll probably never forget this. Everybody is like, only in Florida,” Dulach said.