OAKLAND PARK (CBSMiami) – Search warrants obtained by CBS4 News on Wednesday in the death of toddler Noah Sneed reveal that Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives are investigating Noah’s death as a manslaughter.

BSO says the 2-year-old was left inside a van and apparently forgotten about for hours at Ceressa’s Daycare and Preschool on Monday.

The two search warrants CBS4 News obtained show that detectives searched the academy as well as the van on the day Noah Sneed died.

Detectives were looking for particular items about transporting children as well as who owns the van and whose DNA was inside the vehicle.

In the search warrant for the van, we’ve learned that investigators took “documents with kids pickup and drop off information” from the vehicle. They also took a “DNA swab from the side door interior” of the van. The search warrant says investigators took photos and video as well but it’s unclear what the photos and video show. They also removed registration and insurance information.

Inside the business, a search warrant reveals that investigators were looking for information about who owns the van, keys to the vehicle, documents on transporting children and surveillance video from inside the building. The document says detectives took a van key and employee files.

Noah’s father, Tony Bell, told CBS4’s Carey Codd that he’s pleased to hear that at this point detectives are looking at his son’s death as a manslaughter.

“I feel a little joy in my heart that my son’s gonna get justice now,” Bell said.

The search warrants do not indicate a particular person or employee who might have been responsible for unloading the children from the van on Monday. There is a specific process for unloading children from these types of vans that includes following a checklist and two sweeps of the vehicle by two different people.

The details in the search warrant are revealed just one day after an emotional vigil at which Noah’s mother spoke.

“I miss my baby,” said Chanese Sneed at the vigil. “He was the happiest thing ever. I just want justice for my baby.”

She and others are demanding justice for little Noah and answers to questions like whose responsibility it was to check the van and make sure no one was left behind.

“To imagine a child sitting in a van for that long with the seat belt on and no one notice that he’s missing. That no one took roll to make sure that the children are on the inside,” Cresa Brown, Noah’s aunt.

Ceressa’s Daycare & Preschool is temporarily shut down. CBS4 News reached out to the Medical Examiner’s Office to see if they have a cause of death in this case.

We were told it remains an open criminal investigation and they cannot release any information.