SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE (CBSMiami) – The son of a Southwest Miami-Dade day care center owner is under arrest, however, his name and the charges have not been released.

The Department of Homeland Security served a warrant around 4:30 a.m. at the Little Seeds Academy Child Care and Learning Center at 10470 Bird Road.

Once inside, cyber agents were looking at computers. H-S-I said computers and telephones were being removed from the home early Monday afternoon. A CBS4 crew captured a computer tower being loaded in to a federal vehicle.

HSI says it can neither confirm nor deny reports that they were looking into whether there was child pornography that had been downloaded onto at least one of the computers in the home.

That is what worried parents heard.

“You see these people every day you just don’t expect these things to happen especially here in a facility where children are,” said parent Zaira Perez. “I have three kids here. I have my baby, a 4-year-old and another who used to go to school here so our main concern is that they are all okay and none are involved in this situation. This is the worst nightmare for any parent.”

Perez told CBS4’S Peter D’Oench “My heart aches for what happened. We just don’t know. These are my little babies. Just to know that that person had contact with the kids. It is disgusting.”

Another parent, Ana Hernandez, said, “We just want to know what happened to our kids. We want to know if any of the pictures on the computers are of our kids. My want to clear up the situation.”

Sophia Ramirez, another parent, was near tears when she said, “How do you take this news? There are no answers at all. I don’t have words for this. You put your trust in people here with the kids.”

Another parent, Mirna Gomez, another parent, said, “My daughter is the last one out of the day care every day and she leaves when the man who was arrested is there. She was there when no one else was there and I worry about her being in contact with him.”

Gomez also said he had spoken with the daughter of the owner and said, “She said these allegations are not true, what’s being reported. She said it only has to do with something personal and not something with the day care.”

Gomez said she was told the daycare was going to voluntarily shut down for a week.

“They’d don’t have to,” said Gomez. “They are going to do this on their own.”

D’Oench also caught up with the daughter of the daycare owner, who was identified as Julietta. She was speaking with the concerned parents.

“What are you telling them about the day care?” Julietta was asked.

“I am telling them that I am like them, that I just don’t know what is going on,” he said.

“Are you telling them if they were impacted?” Julietta was asked.

“They haven’t been,” she said. “This was just something to do with computers and something personal and not the day care.”

DCF, the Department of Children and Families, is investigating.

A neighbor named Carmen is also concerned.

“They should be arrested and put in jail for the rest of their life. I have kids and I’m against child pornography all kinds, but when it’s about children I’m 100% against it. ”

Another neighbor, Yulio Lledias, said “I am sorry about this. This is so close to home. This is really bad. I mean I have a 7 year old daughter.”

Homeland Security says the man taken into custody Monday is expected to appear in federal magistrate’s court Tuesday.

Peter D'Oench