MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Confessed school shooter Nikolas Cruz was searched every day for weapons during part of his time as a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The disturbing revelation comes from a deposition given by a former school security specialist who searched Cruz.

Kelvin Greenleaf was a school security specialist at Stoneman Douglas for a number of years. He told lawyers in his deposition earlier this month that he started searching Nikolas Cruz at school every day after Cruz tried to hurt himself.

Greenleaf said, “I think we got concerned when I think we found out he drank bleach, tried to hurt himself or something like that, the kid. That’s when we started like having the kid come in every morning to be searched by me, but never found a weapon on the kid, never.”

Greenleaf said MSD security officials and campus monitors kept a close eye on Cruz and he occasionally got in trouble from fighting, scaring people and being a “prankster.” But Greenleaf thought Cruz was just different.

He said, “…just because he’s different is not a reason to punish the kid.”

Ultimately, Greenleaf said he thought Cruz was harmless to others. “Was there ever a time where I thought he would like hurt a kid on campus, no,” Greenleaf said in the deposition.

Eventually Cruz left or was dismissed from the school and a year later, investigators say, Cruz confessed to returning to the school to kill 17 students teachers and staff.

Andrew Pollack, Meadow’s father, said Cruz should not have been in a mainstream school like Stoneman Douglas.

“Where were the rights of all the kids going to that school that they subjected them to such a violent kid?” he said.

On the day of the shooting Kelvin Greenleaf was with Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy Scot Peterson as they rode on a golf cart to race to the Freshman Building, as shots rang out. Greenleaf, an Army veteran and former corrections officer, said that there was no doubt in his mind where the shots were coming from. Peterson has said in the past that he didn’t know where the shots were coming from.

“I was with him during the whole time, there was no doubt in my mind where the shooting was coming from,” Greenleaf said.

But Greenleaf said when he looked at Scot Peterson as the crisis unfolded, he knew Peterson wouldn’t go into the building.

“When I looked into his eyes, I — I knew he wasn’t going to go,” Greenleaf said, adding that Peterson looked “…kind of like shocked, maybe, like kind of frozen in a sense, maybe. I kind of — kind of knew that he wasn’t going to go. He may have wanted to, but I think it overcame him.”

Kelvin Greenleaf was reassigned away from Stoneman Douglas after the shooting. His deposition, which was taken earlier this month is in a civil court case against Scot Peterson and others over the shooting.

Greenleaf said he believes there were many failures that day — including the failure of campus monitor Andrew Medina to call a code red as soon as he saw Nikolas Cruz walking on to the campus.