MIAMI (CBSMiami/CNN) — Authorities said a 16-year-old girl was attacked Friday by a shark at a Florida beach.

Police Amelia Island said a shark bit the girl on the foot and ankle.

The girl was boogie boarding when a shark bit her on the back of her foot, according to Sheriff Bill Leeper of to Nassau County.

She was able to get free and make it up to the pool area of the resort she was staying at, where first responders met her.

The girl was transported to a local hospital with serious but nonlife-threatening injuries to her foot, heel and ankle, and received several stitches, Leeper said.

Police said although they don’t get many shark attacks in the area, this is a good reminder that sharks like to feed in the morning and late afternoon and to be careful during those times.

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Comments (13)
  1. Jack Inmanz says:

    Stoopid boogie board kids anyway.

  2. Sharks live in the ocean.

    News at 11.

  3. Robert McKenna says:

    Someone should warn stupid teens that sharks can smell blood in the water for a long distance and that no, that is NO feminine hygiene product can mask it.
    If you are in the water during those times…… You’re bait !

  4. Mike Koller says:

    So the writer of the article and news org. are in the pocket of the resort she was staying at – it’s a big deal to know where the attack took place! Weak journalism on display! The only clue is that it’s reported on a Miami site – you really narrowed it down when you said “South Florida”.

  5. Brian Corcoran says:

    So now she has a tale she can tell her great grandchildren in the year 2087.