MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami-Dade police officers have been parked outside a wooded area throughout the evening.

Investigators are only saying they’re here for a death investigation. There was also a Palm Beach Sheriff’s SUV on scene but deputies didn’t explain why they drove south.

“It’s incredible because this is a neighborhood of hard-working businesses that area around the area. Everybody here has been here for a long time,” Lopez said.

Ricky Lopez owns a construction business yards away. He first noticed the yellow crime scene tape around lunchtime Monday. This is along Northwest 58th Street just west of the Florida Turnpike. Understandably, he and his employees were concerned. Now, they’ll be more aware of what’s around them.

“Always have our eyes open. Making sure that when we something that we can report it and try to help the situation as best as possible,” Lopez said.

Chopper 4 got a bird’s eye view of showing a crime scene van parked on a gravel pathway. Nearby, police and others were removing brush. Feet away from that area, our camera captured construction equipment. Police said they went to the area following leads. Police won’t explain the initial investigation that brought them here.

“The only thing that we really see around here is a lot of illegal dumping. People coming here at night time and dumping stuff in certain areas and that sort of thing. Normally it’s a very quiet area,” Lopez said.

Because of the high priced construction equipment in the area, Lopez said there are several ways owners try to keep the area safe, like surveillance cameras and private security.

“There’s security right down this street. So, it’s very hard to expect something like this right next door to you,” Lopez said.

As of Monday night, police still didn’t say why they found in the woods and what evidence they took away.

Ty Russell