MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The busy summer travel season is here and many drivers are facing high prices at the gas pump.

But there could be some relief on the way.

Gerard Van Gerwen knows these days, there’s no avoiding pain at the pump. The cost to fill the truck he uses for his hauling business just keeps going up.

“I mean I try to find the cheapest gas prices while I’m driving around but sometimes it’s hard,” he said.

According to a new survey from AAA, a growing number of Americans are becoming numb to gas prices. The cost of fuel spiked across the country over the Memorial Day weekend and now the price at the pump is slowly starting to come down.

Right now, the national average for regular unleaded is about $2.80 a gallon. But in some states like California, prices are close to $4 dollars a gallon. In Florida, the average for regular unleaded is about $2.60 a gallon.

AAA expects prices at the pump to drop by at least 10 cents in the coming weeks, as many drivers hit the road for summer vacations.

“Gas prices are going down because crude oil prices are much cheaper than they were last year,” said AAA’s Jeanette Casselano.

For Van Gerwen, any relief is welcome.

“It’s really frustrating. I’m afraid I will have to raise my prices at work just to get by,” he said.

He hopes to drive through the Summer without any more price bumps in the road.

AAA says there are some things a driver can do to get better gas mileage this summer, including driving slower and using your air conditioning – which actually provides less drag on your engine than driving with your windows open.