MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Miami Sea Tow crew got the surprise of a lifetime when a curious crocodile decided to take a break from the water and planted itself on one of the company’s boats.

The crocodile was spotted on the Sea Tow boat docked at the Black Point Marina in Southwest Miami-Dade.

Cellphone video, provided by CBS4 viewer @cjMiami, shows the croc rustling around the boat once onlookers arrive.



Eventually, the animal crawls out of the boat and looks to make a run to nearby water.

Before the crocodile makes a leap of faith into the water, a person in the background could be heard saying, “Run! FWC’s here.”

Crocodiles are known to live in coastal areas throughout the Caribbean with the northern end of their range in South Florida.

They are shy, reclusive animals who live in brackish or saltwater areas.

“Crocodiles have always inspired fear and fascination not only because of their large size and fearsome teeth, but because of the aggressive reputations earned by their distant cousins in Australia and Africa. In reality, the American crocodile is so rare and shy of man that conflict with people rarely occurs,” according to a University of Florida study.

Luckily, it appears this big guy got away safely.