By Lisa Petrillo

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A dark, sexy and multi-episode thriller with binge-potential is coming into your living room. It’s called What/If.

One of its stars is an Academy Award-winning actress and the other is a handsome, bright young star from right here in South Florida.

Blake Jenner sat down to talk about ‘What/If’ a new TV series he stars in on Netflix. (CBS4Miami)

CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo spoke to Blake Jenner about this new drama and his forever connection to Miami.

What/If explores the ripple effects of what happens when good people start doing risqué things.

“It’s sexy, it’s dangerous, it gets violent, it’s gritty. You can’t pinpoint where it’s going. It’s definitely binge worthy,” said Jenner.

The 10-episode season focuses on a cash-strapped pair of newlyweds who accept a lucrative, but morally dubious offer from a shrewd and dangerous mysterious businesswoman played by Renee Zellwegger.

Jenner plays Sean Donovan, a charming blue-collar man who supports his wife in every way and wants her company to succeed.

Jenner stars as Sean Donovan, a hard working man who supports his wife in every way. (CBS4Miami)

“She gives them a crazy deal that she will fund my wife’s company for 80 million dollars in exchange for one night with me,” said Jenner. “And they decide, and you’ll see how it changes the whole trajectory of their relationship trust and it has a ripple effect.”

“You see how a tiny little choice, that you think is not going to affect anything is like this severe butterfly effect on his entire life,” Jenner added.

Jenner, who grew up in Miami, got his first big break on ‘Glee’ and followed up in many hit films such as, ‘The Edge of Seventeen’ and ‘American Animals.’

Jenner said coming back to South Florida is “muy bueno.”

“I am born and raised in South Florida. All my Hispanic family is here,” said Jenner. “My mom is Cuban. I just had an amazing home cooked meal, so happy to be back.”

Academy Award-winning actress, Renee Zellweger, stars in ‘What/If’ opposite of Jenner. (CBS4Miami)

For Jenner, playing opposite of one of Hollywood’s most famous and successful actresses, Renee Zellweger, gives him a chance to learn a lot and more.

“It’s the biggest learning experience, you get to see how warm she is as an actress. She’s so giving, she doesn’t sweat anything. So lovely to everyone,” Jenner said. “I definitely had some fan boyness. I told her I just watched ‘Jerry Maguire’ for the 10th time and she’s incredible, she’s lovely, I love her.”

What/If is out now on Netflix.



Lisa Petrillo