LAKELAND (CBSMiami) – A pair of photographers got quite a show during a walk in a nature preserve after they encountered a snake fighting for its life in the jaws of an alligator.

Jesse and Linda Waring, who operate BirdWalk Photography, came across the struggle during a stroll in the Circle B Bar Reserve on Saturday and started snapping pictures of the wild encounter.

Waring told WKMG, the CBS affiliate in Orlando, the snake was doing all it could to escape the jaws of death. She said every time the gator would snap its jaws closed they thought that would be the end. But when it opened them, the snake was still there trying to wriggle to freedom.

Waring said after about ten minutes, the snake lost its battle and became the gator’s lunch.

“In the end, the snake finally lost the battle when the jaws of the gator made a direct hit down the length of his body,” Waring told the station. “It was a hard fought battle.”

Waring said you never know what you’ll find during a walk in nature and the scene showed that patience pays off when it comes to photography.

CBS affiliate WKMG contributed to this report.