MIAMI (CBSMiami)- It’s that million dollar question many ask, what can I do to stay feeling young and full of life?

There really is no right answer, but people do whatever they can to find it.

For 87-year-old Anita Wong, dancing is the answer.

Anita Wong dances to stay young. (CBSMiami)

Music makes her move every part of her body, from the tips of her fingers to her toes.

“This is what keeps me happy. Exercise for dancing, we are always moving our legs, arms, and everything” said Wong.

She’s a senior sensation with a passion for dancing.

Anita moved to Miami from the Philippines when she was 35-years-old and it was then when she discovered she could move in ways she never knew.

“We would do the Tahitian dance you know, the fast dance with the hips. I used to have a grass skirt that I could swish it up and so then people would see how you do it and clap, that gives you more energy” said Wong.

Anita Wong has been dancing her whole life. (CBSMiami)

She still has the same energy after more than 50 years since she performed as a Polynesian dancer with her sister and a group of other women.

She no longer performs professionally, but is currently rehearsing for a ‘Bollywood Nights’ show with a group of golden girls and admits the moves she is now doing are at a much slower pace.

But they are still great for the mind, body, and soul.

“You have to know the steps that come next and everything and when you are dancing, you always smile because it keeps the people attracted to you,” explained Wong with a smile, of course.

Wong will be celebrating her 88th birthday in August and says many of the moves she learned when she was 35, she can still do today.

Despite her age, she takes no medication and aside from dancing. She also tries to eat healthily and watch her weight.


Marybel Rodriguez