MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A strong vote of confidence from MSD families in Parkland’s decision to renegotiate to keep the Broward Sheriff’s Office as its police force.

Max Schachter’s son Alex was one of the 17 murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“All 17 families support that decision by Parkland,” Schachter said.

Many parents blamed flawed BSO policies under former Sheriff Scott Israel for the horrific loss of life.

“We saw all the horrible mistakes that were a result of bad policies and procedures from, under the former Sheriff Scott Israel,” said Schachter “and we’re convinced that under the leadership of Sheriff Tony those bad policies and procedures have been ceased, they’ve been fixed,” he said.

During a year-old process, Parkland hired a company to evaluate what the best police option would be for the city.

It looked at the parkland forming its own department, contracting with another city or remaining with BSO.

BSO came up as the best option — but with some suggested changes. “Including an increase in community policing initiatives and hiring a public safety coordinator or public safety administrator to act as the main point of contact with the city for BSO Parkland District and Coral Springs Parkland FIre Department,” said Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky.

Schachter has a unique perspective.

Not only is he a parent, but he sat on the public safety commission looking closely at last year’s massacre.

He feels now that Sheriff Gregory Tony is at the helm of BSO, the problems are being corrected.

“By looking at all the evidence we know the problems that contributed to 17 people losing their lives and I’m confident and the 17 families are confident that Sheriff Tony has fixed those issues moving forward,” Schachter said.

“So in the next mass casualty event we’ll have officers respond accordingly and save lives,” he said.

Parkland will begin contract talks soon with BSO.

The current contract is up at the end of September.

Ted Scouten